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New South Wales
Yoga Temple P: 9949 9951 M: 0413 22 9990
A regular yoga practice, not only improves overall health and fitness, but brings relief to many common ailments, e.g. back pain, stress, anxiety, aches and pains. The path of practice combined with a healthy natural diet leads to a calmer and clearer mind with a deeper sense of wellbeing and contentment.

Hot Oz Yoga P: 02-9907-8408 M: 0403-200-668

We specialize in the private instruction of Bikram Method Yoga, a challenging, athletic form of Hatha Yoga, which comprises a specific set of exercises developed by internationally renowned Yoga instructor, Bikram Choudhury.

A regular practice brings total well-being to your mind, body and spirit.

Forest Yoga P: 02-9975-7729 M: 0409-823-847

To make yoga and Pilates accessible to all people regardless of background, age and physical condition and to provide individual attention in my delivery of yoga and Pilates. ?If you can breathe you can do yoga? ? Krishnamacharya

Bikram's Yoga College of India - Lane Cove P: 02-9420-4300
Bikram Yoga Lane Cove is dedicated to helping you achieve inner calm and strength, flexibility and balance in every aspect of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, through the practice of Bikram?s Yoga.

Lnkbar_LogoSotai Therapy Jeremy 0404 892 527 Bec 0425-233-583
S?tai Therapy is a traditional Japanese therapy system which enables people to adapt to their environment by using harmonious breath with physical movement, positive mental activity and balanced nutrition.

Viva Yoga P: 02-9428-5846
Our yoga classes will enable staff to ease tension, improve focus, develop group dynamics, and simply relax.
We will come to your place of work at lunchtime, or before or after hours. You will return to work feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Yoga in the Forest P: 02-9451-4553 M: 0412-455-338
Yoga is an ancient practice of physical and mental discipline, which make us healthy, alert and receptive. The practice of Yoga enables the individual to achieve his/her full potential. It is a way of life. A technique of personal development.

Melbourne Yoga M: 0425-208-324
Welcome to the website for Melbourne's Yoga Sangha. We offer personal one on one and semi private yoga instruction that is tailored to the individual. The yoga we teach is a synthesis of the two most widely practised styles of yoga, Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne P: 03-9419-1598

Ashtanga Yoga combines an ancient series of postures with a flowing breath and movement system.

This combination increases strength, endurance and flexibility while clearing the body of accumulated toxins and emotional blocks. www.ashtangamelbourne.com.au

Quick Fit Yoga - Bikram Yoga - Noosaville P: 07 5474 4449
Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures conducted over 90 minutes, beginning with one warming up breathing exercise, progressing through 24 asanas or postures and finishing with one toxin eliminating breathing posture. This series of postures systematically and scientifically works through the entire body.

Holistic Options-Yoga-Brisbane P: 07-3808-6633 M: 0402-281-892

Physical yoga, which is the aspect most well known in the west, was brought about by the need to have a fit, healthy and trouble free body that was a worthy vehicle for the spirit..

Sherwood Yoga - Brisbane P: 07-3379-8102 M: 0403-200-668
We offer regular yoga classes and workshops in the leafy surrounds of Sherwood in Brisbane West. All classes are carefully guided by an experienced teacher so you can expect personal attention to maximise the benefits from your practice. Yoga classes available for Adults and Children.

Yoga Trinity - Brisbane
It is my mission to offer effective and inspiring wellness services with the aim to assist each client in establishing a peaceful mind, a healthy body, and an open heart. Fitness and yoga offer pathways to better understand the Self, in essence, a gateway to your inner you.

Brisbane Yoga Studio - Brisbane Contact Laya P: 07-3399-2286
Brisbane Yoga Studio is dedicated to providing high quality, caring Hatha Yoga instruction to all those who seek it. We cater to the individual by holding small classes in a supportive and nurturing environment where each student gets personal guidance and encouragement

Harmony Body and Mind - Nerang P: 07-5578-3811
What strikes you first about Hermann and Marie is their loving compassion, which has flowed over into their Centre. Extremely skilled at building a supportive and trusting environment, it?s easy to feel safe and nurtured when with them. They hold the belief that if we sense harmony within, feel good and heal ourselves, then we heal the planet.

Shanti Yoga - Southport P: 07-5531-0511
Shanti Yoga, the healing path is the synthesis of the physical attributes of Hatha, Tantric and Karma Yoga with the spiritual, philosophical and psychological aspects of Raja, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga. Shanti Yoga borrows freely from other great philosophies of the world

Cairns Yoga Academy - Cairns M: 0413-942-938
Whether you are simply seeking improved health, fitness and flexibility, or wish to pursue a deeper inward journey, the Cairns Yoga Academy in is the ideal place to start to learn yoga. The Cairns Yoga Academy offers 3 levels of yoga classes Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced. .

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Level 2, 20 Hargrave Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2010

Hom Yoga Sydney is Sydney's boutique contemporary hot yoga studio. We inspire a fresh and modern approach to practicing hot yoga.

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